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Manisha Dhawan, Founder & CEO

Welcome to MPath Coaching

As a certified professional coach (CPC), design thinking specialist, and former Big 4 management consultant, I bring over 2 decades of experience leading global digital innovation and change management initiatives across multiple industries.  I formed MPath Coaching to help leaders elevate human skills, navigate change, and create engaged, inclusive and innovative teams. 

Through powerful, customized, and efficient sessions, we’ll prepare your teams for the future (and now) of work. 

Areas of focus include:  Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Leadership Development Training.  Through our programs, elevate emotional intelligence, improve team effectiveness, and evolve leaders.

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Future Workplace Trends by MPath Coaching

Digital and Data

The proliferation of data and digital fuels the need for teams to adapt to change and embrace how technology will reshape work. The future of work includes advanced communication methods and immersive experiences.

Skills Development

Advanced metacognition skills including decision-making, creative problem-solving and change management are important as technology advances at a rapid pace. Upskilling and reskilling the workforce for the future is vital.

Generational Changes

With an aging workforce and Gen Y and Z expanding their footprint in the workplace, leaders need to understand how to motivate, engage and communicate across different generations.

Employee Experience

Starting with empathy, companies can disrupt and reimagine the employee experience. Diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging (DEIB), accessibility, wellness, and flexible work arrangements are key considerations.

Leadership (R)evolution

As the demands of leaders change and old leadership paradigms dissolve, leaders who embrace self-reflection, empathy, humility and courage can positively impact retention and innovation.

Collaboration & Work

Across a dynamic landscape of remote, hybrid and onsite teams, establishing new ways of working and collaborating can drive efficiency and results.

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