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We can evolve and reinvent ourselves time and time again. Believe in your limitless potential.

My interest in understanding how the world works motivated me to pursue a B.S. in Chemistry at UC Irvine.  After graduating, I joined our family business, diving deep into every facet of the company.  I returned to UC Irvine to obtain my MBA, followed by several years at Big 4, boutique consulting and Fortune 500 companies. 

Like many of you, I enjoy questioning the status quo.  Working in our family business allowed me to experiment, fail, learn and iterate in a safe space.  Throughout my career, I’ve been thrown into challenging situations where I had to get creative, roll up my sleeves and solve complex problems with limited resources.  I developed my design thinking and innovation skills as a product owner, change management leader, client steward, and design thinking facilitator.

As a lifelong learner who values connection, creativity and growth, I’ve done my own deep introspection as I transitioned careers.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount from over 2 decades of driving transformation across multiple industries.

While I’ve had hands-on experience in nearly every function, my passion lies at the heart of business — the people. I partner with my clients to develop human-centric skills, shift mindsets, and drive innovation. My approach is people-centric and outcome driven.  It includes programs and tools to accelerate growth and ignite leaders and their teams.

I look forward to working together!

Manisha also serves on the board of The Design Thinking Executive Program at UC Riverside. The program empowers individuals and firms to re-imagine how they approach business in today’s dynamic landscape. Design thinking promotes a human-centered approach to innovation, and a strategy for creating a differentiated, competitive advantage.


Experience Core
Energy Coaching™

Most traditional coaching methods help with clarifying goals and creating action plans. However, the ability to sustain outcomes usually deteriorates over time. This is a symptom of underlying energy and mindset inhibitors.

Leveraging IPEC’s unique Core Energy Coaching™ process, we’ll dive much deeper to uncover inner blind spots, and cultivate new perspectives to support success on a sustainable level.

This empowers you to become catalysts for cultural shifts, and more impactful leaders both inside and outside the workplace.

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