MPath Coaching LLC

Manisha Dhawan

Manisha Dhawan, Founder and CEO of MPath Coaching, is a certified professional coach (CPC), MBA and management consultant with 2 decades of experience leading digital innovation and change management initiatives across multiple industries. As a design thinking specialist and lifelong learner, Manisha is passionate about empowering executives to advance leadership skills, maximize team potential, and drive innovation forward. In addition to corporate coaching, Manisha works with professionals on career strategy and human skills development.

The Future of Collaboration

Collaboration, Disrupted Hundreds of startups were born from the pandemic, and in the coming years we will see more disruptive technology reshape collaboration.  Additional considerations such as inclusion and sustainability will revolutionize the way we live and work. Currently, platforms are missing the ability to decipher and detect non-verbal communication, and replicate impromptu conversations that …

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Remote Work and Employee Experience

The expansion of remote work has impacted the way leaders and companies operate.  While many companies had already been operating remotely to some degree, key considerations for the employee experience are worth revisiting. Before implementing a remote or hybrid work model, companies may gauge employee preferences via surveys.  However, this may not always reveal every …

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What It Really Means To Be Empathetic at Work

Defining Empathy Empathy means to feel with others, immerse ourselves in their environment, observe, ask questions, and seek to understand. Being empathetic requires us to understand our biases and put them aside in favor of learning other perspectives. While some people are naturally more empathetic, empathy is a powerful life and leadership lens that can …

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Why Innovation Labs Fail: Essential Lessons Learned

In the early stages, the innovation lab stirred hearts of people who craved to make bold moves and disrupt the status quo.  The lab consisted of team members across multiple functions including operations, marketing, IT, and finance.   We were immersed together in a newly renovated section of the building, with an open floor layout and …

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